How businesses are looking to go green to make a difference

During recent times a lot of businesses are now looking to see what they can do to help the planet and to help with being more eco-friendly. Many gaming platforms and online casinos are moving many services online for this reason, this is due to the fact a lot of people will travel to casinos which will add to the pollution levels. This is a great decision by the gambling industry and will not only help the planet but also helps the customers by making it easier for them to access the platforms from the comfort of their own homes.

There are many casinos that have now moved online like some examples here and there are set to be many more to follow in the footsteps of others. A lot of businesses have thought about moving to online only but are yet to do so, it is great to see such a big industry like the gambling one to take the decision to move as many casinos to online as possible. Hopefully there are a lot more businesses that see this move from the gambling industry and decide to follow in their footsteps to help make the planet greener and to make sure to make a difference. It has been a long time coming for businesses to take this step and should have been done sooner but it is good that some have taken this step and it is suggested that there will be many more who also move things to online only. Continue reading “How businesses are looking to go green to make a difference”

Environmental Technology: What It Is and How It Is Used

It’s incredible to think that there are 7 billion people on the planet, all battling for space and resources while attempting to share the planet equally with the natural world. Environmental technology, often known as green or clean technology, refers to environmental applications in which individuals or specialists attempt to develop new technologies with a single goal in mind: to preserve, monitor, and reduce damage to the environment caused by humans.

Let’s have a look at some of the technologies that we utilise in our daily lives, most of us don’t even realise that we’re using these technologies every day.

Automobiles that run on electricity

The biggest benefit of electric vehicles is that they help to improve air quality in cities and towns. Pure electric cars without a tube do not emit carbon dioxide while driving, which significantly reduces air pollution, and more drivers should switch to hybrid cars to help save the environment and improve the world.

As previously said, cars that are not electric emit carbon dioxide, which is harmful to humans and animals. Our towns and cities will be a better place to live if the human population switches to electric vehicles, in a result of this, our overall air population and street will be a lot cleaner. Continue reading “Environmental Technology: What It Is and How It Is Used”

How can remote working improve your mental health and productivity levels?

Millions of people around the world prefer to work from home or prefer to work remotely in a different city or country. From working in your own living space and working with freedom, it can save money and time with the amount of travel you must do from going to and back from the office, working from home or in fact anywhere can boost productivity levels and improve mental health.

How would my productivity levels and mental health improve?

They can improve because you will constantly be active and, on the go, you can go on new adventures and see locations that you haven’t seen before, you can also meet new people and learn the different types of living and cultures. By being a digital nomad, it allows you to go on various vacations, most digital nomad jobs offer good income and only expects you to work a few hours per week. Continue reading “How can remote working improve your mental health and productivity levels?”

Doing your bit for the environment is easier than you think

Slots players are constantly being delighted by the wonders of our planet, with hundreds of nature-themed slot games like Elephant King, Amazon Wild, Wolf Ridge and Jungle Spirit. But the team from the online casino recognise that when you’re busy spinning slots, the real dangers facing our planet right now – like climate change, plastic pollution and deforestation – are probably not at the forefront of your mind.

That’s why they want to encourage you to do your bit for the environment this Earth Day. Observed every year on April 22nd, Earth Day is a time to celebrate our planet and pay attention to the harmful effects of human activities on the environment.

Doing your bit doesn’t have to be difficult. There are lots of simple ways you can help save the planet this Earth Day. For instance, you could walk to work instead of taking the car or switch the light bulbs in your home for energy efficient ones. You could make an effort to unplug your TV instead of leaving it on standby mode or turn off the tap when you’re brushing your teeth.

For a full list of ideas for simple ways to help this Earth Day, check out bgo’s guide below.